Skiing on the Outside Ski

Hello fellow skiers!

Skiing on the outside ski is one of my favourite exercises and a great way to get your ski legs back at the start of the season.

It is one of the best things you can do for your skiing because any issues with your technique will immediately become apparent, making it difficult to successfully perform the task.

The idea is to be able to lift the inside ski and balance on the outside ski throughout the entire turn. At the end of the turn, put the ski down, lift the new inside ski and turn the other way.

Why ski on the outside ski?

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Balance on the Outside Ski = Grip

Hello fellow skiers!

Every skier has been told to balance on their outside or downhill ski at some point in their skiing career. However, if you read my overview of ski technique, you may have noticed that I didn’t make any mention of balancing on the outside ski. So why is it so important to balance on the outside ski and if it is so important, why didn’t it rate a mention in my overview of ski technique?

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Ski Technique – An Overview

Hello fellow skiers!

I have decided to kick things off with a bit of an overview of ski technique. The topic of ski technique can become very complicated very quickly, however I like to try to keep things simple – I hope you’ll agree! The plan is for this overview to serve as a starting point for more detailed discussion of technique.

What is ski technique?

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