Welcome to Ski Better!

Hello fellow skiers and welcome to Ski Better!

What is Ski Better all about?

Ski Better is a blog dedicated to ski technique and improvement. No matter what level skier you are – complete beginner, expert or instructor – I hope that Ski Better will challenge your understanding of skiing and help take your skiing to the next level!

But first, let me introduce myself.

Who am I?

My name is James Nunn and I am a CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance) Level 3 ski instructor working at Idre Fjäll in Sweden. I am a course conductor, which means that I am qualified to conduct exams to certify instructors. It also means that part of my role is to train instructors working towards higher certifications. This involves training instructors towards skiing and teaching components of their exams.

My instructing career has taken me to Canada, Norway, New Zealand and Sweden. I have spent the majority of my career teaching at Lake Louise in Canada and am now working at Idre Fjäll in Sweden, having moved here to live with my Swedish sambo (Swedish for live-in girlfriend/partner).

I also have a degree in mechanical engineering, which has helped greatly in understanding the mechanics of skiing.

Why did I start Ski Better?

I spend a lot of time looking at ski-related content online. As an instructor, my interest lies in ski technique and improvement. While there is an abundance of “learn-to-ski” websites and articles to be found online, I am always left unsatisfied by the information that’s available. I believe that the problem with these sites is that they offer a description of ski technique that fails to account for readers’ wants and needs. In contrast, a good lesson is client-focused – the instructor will tailor a lesson according to the client’s goals and skill deficiencies. Furthermore, a person’s understanding of skiing is constantly evolving through experience and the acquisition of new information, however the information on these sites remains static.

Ski Better intends to fill the gap by providing information that will help you become the best skier you can be, whether you ski every day of the season or once a year!

On a personal level, I am creating Ski Better as a way to connect with skiers. Skiing is my passion and instructing gives me the opportunity to share this passion with others. I hope to one day start a ski coaching business. Until then I am available for coaching through the Idre Fjäll Ski School. I have included some information at the bottom of this post if this interests you.

How will Ski Better help you ski better?

Ski Better will challenge your understanding of skiing. There is no substitute for guidance from an experienced instructor/trainer/coach, however an improved understanding of skiing will enable you to get the most out of your training and your time on the snow.

Just as a good lesson is tailored to meet the wants and needs of the client, I hope that the content on Ski Better will be driven by you. As such, your feedback is encouraged. This will result in the information on Ski Better growing organically, with each new post building on the information in previous posts, mirroring the way that your understanding of skiing will evolve.

There is more to skiing than simply technique. As such, Ski Better will cover a range of topics including technique, the learning process, equipment and fitness – ultimately anything that is relevant to ski improvement. I will endeavour to publish original content at least once a week. I may also occasionally post links to any materials I think are relevant. Rest assured that such posts will be kept to a minimum since I want to remain focused on providing original content on ski technique and improvement.

Interested in skiing with me?

If you are interested in joining me for some on-snow coaching and you are able to make it to Idre Fjäll, you can book a session with me through the Idre Fjäll Ski School. Just be sure to ask for James Nunn!

Don’t forget to follow Ski Better!

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Happy skiing!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Ski Better!

  1. Micke

    Well done mate!! This is gonna help a lot of people that wants to improve! You never have time to helP me out 😉 haha..but now maybe you can’t escape;)
    Keep doing all the good things you do for people! One love!


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